Title value list

Icon (NA)codeTitle name
Ann's Gift.png10Ann's Gift
Title 20 English.png20El Scout
Title 30.png30Phoru Slayer
Title 40.png40Monkey Hunter
Title 50.png50Little Light of Hope
TITLE 140.png140Revenge Against Bandits
TITLE 150.png150Bat Slayer
TITLE 160.png160Revolutionary Hero
Title 280.png280Nasod Eater
Title 80 English.png80Symbol of Good Luck
Title 90 English.png90Fellowship of Fire
Title 130 English.png130Pursuer of Darkness
Title 100 English.png100Chieftain
TITLE 170.png170Nasod Breaker
Title 290.png290Dragon Slayer
Title 190 English.png190Veteran
TITLE 200.png200Street Cleaner
Title 210 English.png210Hero of Ponggos
Title 220 English.png220Supersonic (Hero of Sonic)
Title 270 English.png270Secret Buster
Title 300.png300Purifier
TITLE 180.png180Savior of Feita
Title 230 English.png230Strong Soul
TITLE 240.png240Violent Gardener
Title 250.png250Demon Slayer
Title 310.png310Glitter Expedition
Title 320.png320Worst Ride
Title 330.png330Let's Runaway!
Title 340 English.png340Protect the Kingdom!
Title 350.png350Dark Elf Hunter!
Title 360.png360Don't Stop Me! Step Aside!
Title 370.png370The Vandal
Title 380.png380Bracelet Snatcher
Title 390.png390Speed Holic!
Title 400.png400Glitter Terminator
Title 610.png640Illusion Breaker
Title 410.png410I like fish!
Title 420.png420Imposter Terminator
Title 430.png430Velder Dealer
Title 440.png440Get Rid of Weeds
Title 450.png450Golem Breaker
Title 460.png460Dandy Resiam
Title 470.png470Keke Keke
Famous Sailors.png480Famous Sailors
Knight Rescue Party.png495Knight Rescue Party
Title 500.png505Spiders of the North
Title 510.png515Prison Break
Title 520.png525Decent Food
Title 530.png535Premium LOL
Deep Sea Diver.png545Deep Sea Diver
Title 550.png555Hamel's Seal
Title 560.png565Ice Carver
Title 570.png575That is SS
Title 580.png585Power of Splendor
Title 590.png595Magic of Splendor
Title 600.png605Sword of Splendor
Colossus silencer.png770Colossus's Liberator
TITLE 611.png611Sander Steel
TITLE 612.png612Band of Trock
TITLE 613.png6133000!
TITLE 614.png614Harpy Harpy
Wings of Steel.png615Wings of Steel
Title 620.png620The Children of the Wind
Title 630.png630Complete Explosives
Title 640.png640Stand Alone
Title 650.png650Die Hard
Title 660.png660Never Give Up
Title 670.png670Storm Warrior
Title 680.png680Sand Wind's Evil Spirit
Title 690.png690Reaper
TITLE 700.png700Attack on the Flying Ship
TITLE 710.png710Shutdown!
TITLE 720.png720Revenge Time
TITLE 730.png730King of Destruction
TITLE 740.png740Light Speed
TITLE 750.png750Returning to Ruben
TITLE 760.png760Centuple Enriched Equipment
TITLE 780.png780Behemoth Terminator
TITLE 950.png950Enraged Manifestation, Destroyed
TITLE 800.png800Fire Extinguisher
TITLE 810.png810Burnt Steel Plate
TITLE 820.png820Master of Steel
TITLE 830.png830Guardian of Lanox
TITLE 840.png840Through the Flames!!
TITLE 850.png850I like fish!
TITLE 860.png860God of Bathing
TITLE 870.png870Hiking King
TITLE 880.png880Burst of Rage
TITLE 890.png890Passion Pay
TITLE 900.png900Burning Butt
TITLE 910.png910Dancing Flame Weapon
TITLE 920.png920Covered with Wounds
TITLE 930.png930Oath of Ruin
TITLE 960.png960Grim Gaze
TITLE 970.png970God of Fire
TITLE 980.png980Flash of Light
TITLE 990.png990Demon Slayer
TITLE 1000.png1000Rule of the Jungle
TITLE 1010.png1010Endless Refill Mana
TITLE 1020.png1020-------------------
TITLE 1030.png1030-------------------
TITLE 1040.png1040-------------------
TITLE 1050.png1050-------------------
TITLE 1060.png1060-------------------
Title 20160.png20160El Search Party Valedictorian
Title 20170.png20170Centurion
Title 20180 English.png20180Break the Impregnable
Title 20190.png20190The Fallen Angkor Queen
Title 20200 English.png20200Combat Expert
Title 20210.png20210Broken Arrow
Title 20220.png20220Born to Blood
Title 20230.png20230Painkiller
Title 20240.png20240Souless Ego
Title 20250 English.png20250Ancient History
Title 20140.png20140Dungeon Master!
Boogers.gif20120Henir's Transcender
HenirTimeandSpace.png20130Henir's Absolute Power
Title 20100.png20100Ruler of Space
Title 20110.png20110Conqueror of Space
Title 20115.png20115Destroyer of Space
Title 20080.png20080Ruler of Time
Title 20090.png20090Conqueror of Time
Title 20095.png20095Destroyer of Time
The Challenger.png20260The Challenger
Otherworldly invader.png20290Invader of Dimensions
Otherworldly Conqueror.png20280Ruler of Dimensions
Commandment of the absolute.png20270God of Dimensions
Eltrion destroyer.png20340Eltrion Destroyer
Drabaki destroyer.png20400Drabaki Destroyer
Time monitor.png20330Keeper of the Gate
Lord of time.png20320Lord of the Gate
Winner of eredia.png20350Ereda's Champion
Elder lord.png20380Ereda's Ruler
Ereda slayer.png20360Ereda's Slayer
Ereda's tactician.png20370Ereda's Tactician
Elder of the absolute.png20390God of Ereda
TITLE 20410.png20410Battle Master
Construction conqueror.png20310Conqueror of Time and Space
Construction trascendental.png20300Dimensional Traveler
TITLE 940.png940Conqueror of Dimensions
TITLE 11360.gif11360Age Of Legend
TITLE 10775.png10775Support Hamel!
TITLE 20150.png20150Returning Hero
TheRage.png10760The Rage
Title 10755 English.png10755Sword of Vitality
Title 10750 English.png10750Sword of Destruction
TITLE 10670 English.png10670Warrior of Demon Invasion
Title 10610 English.png10610Protector of Elarbor
Title 10600 English.png10540Peace Maker
TITLE 100640.png100640Mysterious Bringer of Peace
TITLE 10540.png10540Happy Merry Christmas
TITLE 10510.png10510Elsword in Wonderland
Pas.png10490Passionate Touch
Coolel.png10480Cool Elrios Bay
Title 10460 English.png10460Warrior of Velder
Title 10350.png10350Ocean Outlaw
Title 10260.png10260
Lord of Dawn
Title 10230.png10230Dominator or Trials
Birdy.gif10210Undying Fighting Spirit
Looking For Guild.png10380Looking For Guild!
Title 10140.png10140
Lord of Coldness
Ancient Fossil Analyst.png11130Ancient Fossil Analyst
Ancient Fossil Collector.png11120Ancient Fossil Collector
Title 11140.png11140100th Day Anniversary
Title 11150.png11150Lovebirds
Title 11160.png11160Wedding Vows
Unicorn.gif1970Holy Unicorn's Power
TITLE 11300.png11300Curse of Chaos
File:TITLE 1070.png1070Transcendent Key Code
Pioneer's Spirit Title.png?Pioneer's Spirit
Ham.png?Hamel's White Wolf
Trials of Elsword Title.png?Trials of Elsword
AX Shout Out Title.png?AX Shout Out
Ax.png?AX Shout Out(AnimeExpo)
QuizQuiz Title.png?QuizQuiz
Change Your Password Title.png?Change Your Password Title
Elympics Title.png?Elympics
Master of Hamel Monsters Title.png?Master of Hamel Monsters
Title Conquer Inspector.png?Conquer the Secret Dungeon - Wally's Underground Laboratory
Title Conquer Dragon.png?Conquer the Secret Dungeon - Dragon Nest: Abyss
Title Conquer TypeH.png?Conquer the Secret Dungeon - Transporting Tunnel: CA
Title Conquer Joaquin.png?Conquer the Secret Dungeon - Velder's Hallucination
Greenlight Elsword (B&W).png?Greenlight Elsword (B&W)
Greenlight Elsword (Bronze).png?Greenlight Elsword (Bronze)
Greenlight Elsword (Silver).png?Greenlight Elsword (Silver)

TITLE 10670 English.png10670Demon Invasion Warrior
WondersofTimeandSpace.png?Wonders of Time and Space
Tag Beginner.png?Elsword Tag Mode (Beginner)
Tag Novise.png?Elsword Tag Mode (Novice)
Expert title TAG.png?Elsword Tag Mode (Expert)
Tag Master.png?Elsword Tag Mode (Master)
Title 100014.png100014Elsword Tag Mode (Hero)
Heart Passion M.png?Heart of Passion (M)
Heart Passion F.png?Heart of Passion (F)
Heart Purity M.png?Heart of Purity (M)
Heart Purity F.png?Heart of Purity (F)
Heart Story M.png?Heart of Story (M)
File:Heart Story F.png?Heart of Story (F)
Heart Lonely.png?Very Lonely Heart
Artillery Support.png?Artillery Support
The Faithful Adventurer.png?The Faithful Adventurer
Rookie Halloween Fashion Designer.png40160Rookie Halloween Fashion Designer
Legendary Halloween Fashion Designer.png40170Rookie Halloween Fashion Designer
Steam Title.png10770Adventurer's from a New World
TITLE 11050.png11050Millennium Fox's Calling 
TITLE 100170.png100170World War 
Title 35240.png35240Birth of a New Hero
Title 5730.png5730Secrets of Enhancing Physical Power 
Title 5740.png5740Secrets of Enhancing Magical Power
Title 5750.png5750Secrets of Attacking Vital Points 
Title 5760.png5760Secrets of Speed and Agility
Title 5770.png5770Secrets of Gaining Fast EXP
Title 5780.png5780Secrets of Recovering Energy 
Title 5790.png5790Secrets of Recovering Vitality
Title 5800.png5800Secrets of Lightning Fast Strikes 
Title 5810.png5810Secrets of Blast Attacks 
Title 5820.png5820Secrets of Developing Skills
File:TITLE 11240.png11240Symbol of the Guardian
NPNG.png?No Pain No Gain
Title 100220.png100220Velder Title 
Title 100230.png100230Hamel Title
TITLE 100210.png100210Ereda Island's Treasure
TITLE 100270.png100270Dark El Secret Circuit
Title 100290.png100290Madness Enhancement Research (Amplification)
Title 100300.png100300Madness Enhancement Research (Time) 
Title 100310.png100310A New Start for New Adventurers
Title 100320.png100320Welcome Grand Chase
TITLE 840.png840Into the Fire!
TITLE 100370.png100460Best Guild (Gold)
TITLE 100380.png100470Best Guild (Silver)
TITLE 100390.png100480Best Guild (Bronze)
TITLE 100490.png100490Best Guild (Beginner)

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  1. Respostas
    1. considering the title hack was processed back when Elysion was still only in KR. i think we can manage the rest of the titles just fine on our own. They'll probably add the titles when they can gather the correct information about them, like the Wonders of Time and Space title.

    2. 1070 - 1210 are the rest of the missing dungeon titles.

    3. 10570 Student Patrol
      10600 Peace Maker
      10610 Protector of Elarbor
      10620 Big Bang
      10630 Big Bang (Another)
      10640 Big Bang (Another)
      10650 Big Bang (Another)
      10660 Big Bang (Another)
      10670 Demon Invasion The Heroes
      10730 2Ne1
      10760 The Rage
      10790 Hunder Girls
      10800 Hunder Girls (Another)
      10810 Wonder Girls
      10820 Wonder Girls (Another)
      10830 Wonder Girls (Another)
      1000-1300 you can have all elysion value approximately
      1200 Blessing OF THe sun (THE BEST FOR DROP RATE)

    4. 1010 Unlimited Magic Refill
      1020 Nasod Hunter
      1080 Demonic Spiri Immunity
      1090 Angel Hunter
      1100 Nervous Guide
      1110 Poopang*!
      1120 Herbaon's Friend
      1130 Ruler Of The Sky
      1140 Shadow Of The Sun
      1150 Man Against The Sun
      1160 Shadow's Decent
      1170 Resistant to Destiny
      1180 eclipse
      1190 El Tower is really great
      1200 Blessing of the sun (very good for def)
      1210 Guardian of Secret Closed Space

  2. When haces tu momo en una pagina de jacz y consigue los 3 me emputa de siempre c:

  3. how do you unlock them? you can only use it but not unlock it :P?

  4. Wait until El's tower title comes on this O-O

  5. I want Elrios Novice Adventurer title 100% ED *o* pls give me that value

    1. I think that title is server sided so it's impossible...maybe

  6. There are all titles: elwiki.net/w/Titles :3

  7. 11750 for elrios novice adventure, yeah its server sided

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  9. is there a title value for guardian of secret space time ?

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  11. cual es el titulo del decent de elision

  12. how the fuck do i put these into the game and make this work how does this work

  13. There are a new list id for void ones like "Madness Enhancement Research (Time)"? it doesn´t work anymore with 10300 id

  14. btw guys can you use this cheat on herin time and space dungeon?

  15. what is the best title for Exp gain ?

  16. Anyone have the ID for Relinquished and Berserker?