sábado, 7 de novembro de 2015

Upload Hack elsword - Void

We add the title hack, and removed some crash in version 5.0
List with some Titles values here
(problem with the button FIXED)
Good game!

7 comentários:

  1. Aguardem, estamos arrumando, foi apenas uma falha na hora de fazer a modificação
    Jájá estará funcionando novamente

  2. antes o botão de start não aparecia, agora o jogo não abre, arruma isso ae tiago

  3. we're doing the best we can to find out what's going on with crash
    have computers that are not doing crash and has computers that are doing crash
    it would be very hard to know what to do to remove the crash of all systems
    each update have certainly improved, I am ON all day in Elsword VOID looking for errors in the hack and implementing improvements

  4. Yes, it would be nice to have the title hack working for Void though, but it is much harder than the others because Void does not have some of the titles that NA and the others do.

  5. Everything seem alright but whenever I use OHKO it's keep crashing but beside that everything is good

  6. it worked for me but too much crash, like after every dungeon it will auto dc and i have to relog again, is kinda annoying, can u fix this?

  7. dude, have u experience the auto dc after the dungeon?? i keep dc after one dungeon stage, the hack worked for me but the dc is annoying