domingo, 15 de novembro de 2015

(Information) Elsword Hack - Version Global

People who are in trouble with the error "Error while Downloading" normally use the WIFI network

I need these people await, because we will fix

Att:Team HackElsword (Xjapan)

5 comentários:

  1. Could I make a request please?
    1. It would be to never add an ED hack as it would kill economy and make ED worthless making the hack for it pointless and only make things worse.
    2. Remove ability to hack in raids and pvp because that just ruins the fun. (I know that hack only works if you are host but it still is annoying af so would be great if the ability to hack even if you are host is removed in raid and pvp)

    1. @Rainbow o.O does ur bot auto use Stamina pots too? how to ed farm without stam lel

    2. @Rainbow um nope. completely clueless. lol never learned about it before graduation.

  2. 2-X Called... The robot would like to screw you.
    Unless you have a:
    Nature's Spirit(Rena) - Spam them arrows
    Wind Attribute
    Force Spear(Ara) - dunno how it works but it bypassed his Armor/Magic Reduction
    An NPC Card

    Pretty much that's it.

  3. no. single characters will not be in some kind of ban list unless the entire account the character is on was banned.
    example: they cannot ban John's Rena and he still use his Ara. they would ban John's entire account instead of just his Rena.