sexta-feira, 27 de novembro de 2015

Hack Elsword - Version Global 7.0

Hello players!!!

I bring the new version 7.0

Many were asking me this version, but it was finally completed!

We made a new visual for the hack:


-The auto-kill kill all monsters
-All hacks were blocked in PvP
-New cheats have been added(Damage-critical, Chance-critical and NO Damage)
-Removed the error "Error while Downloading"
-We reduce the crash
-New server French

(On some computers may take to download the dll, it is heavier than before. Her weight is 5MB)

Download:HERE(MEGA) and HERE(MediaFire)

Att:Team HackElsword (Xjapan)

16 comentários:

  1. se queda pasmado no puedo activar nada por que ??

  2. One more request :) make some Hotkeys for the hack, like F1 = auto kill, F2 = Onehit, ... sth like that xD
    btw, the new hack was great, tks alot

  3. versao nova q eu baixei,dpois q c disse q tinha arrumado:
    print um:
    print dois:
    num adiantou,pelo menos pra mim n

    1. Você precisa abrir primeiro o hack depois o elsword
      caso não der certo me adicione no Skype: Xjapanchan

  4. Le pongo en El NA y no se descarga .-. ayuda por favor y ya le cambie la compativilidad y ni asi se descarga llevo mas de 15 minutos esperando a que se descarge y nada .-. ayuda

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  6. Hellu. Can u reduce the minimum damage critical for NA? I choose minimum critical damage but it's too high

  7. Hey I wanna know, is the 06-09 version safe to use on Void without being banned? Because Void has Gameguard and I don't wanna be banned

  8. Tá perfeito,obrigada pelo presente 💝
    Joguei por mais de 4hrs

  9. YEs true. It says that my account is baned, but i can still log in(void). Its the same with NA too.

  10. Seems like Heart of behemot has a lot of crashes, autokill doesn't kill the cores, and it only kill Karys without killing the core, and even if I killing myself with the autokill deactivated it still crashes at the end

  11. For me, it always crashes! I'll slowly pissed!