domingo, 8 de novembro de 2015


Finally, finished updating the hack
We removed some bugs in the hack and some errors
We need you to download the new version "6.0"
Thank you and good game!!!

Hack Elsword Global:

Link1 / Link2 - SCAN

Att:Team HackElsword (XJapan)

11 comentários:

  1. i dont know how to use, i choose void and what i have to do next ? can u tell me pls?

  2. está dando erro na dll do hack. na hora que abre o x2 com o hack aberto da esse erro e o hack nao abre. esperando atualização ^^

  3. let's go back to that system, tomorrow updated the void

  4. how to keep it out how the void game, the game only lasted 4 minutes and then exit the game itself???

  5. ele tinha falado que ia botar na versão 6.0 mas nao botou :'(

  6. i see, same thing happened at Elsword ID, they're migrating our account to NA
    well, i dreally don't wanna play NA cause some reason... so i started play VOID instead

  7. i don't really understand what u ask,,
    hope you fix that broken english and explain clearly what your problem so people can help XD

  8. I think I get it...
    The buttons are just wonky/and or misplaced and you really can't press the OFF button itself but near at the end of it's line box.

  9. Aw yeah so op, the moment the stamina reset the hack stopped working.
    Coincidence? I think not.
    GG though, i can now go to bed and have a nice dream of finishing my title runs quickly to then wake up crying cause I did 4 runs in 20mins when it would have been 10 runs in that 20mins.

    Not gonna play the waiting game cause I now have the opportunity to clean my inventories and bank.

  10. Assim que eu abro o hack e inicio o elsword ele fecha (Elsword void)

  11. BTW, [BR] and [PH] is working, except the other two.
    NA and Void - 17K Elsword.dll

    i think they are fixing somthing on those two.
    oh well, gonna wait for it. Be Patient